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How One Company Is Setting The Tone For Socially Conscious Corporations

Charitable donations are playing an outsized part in how large firms and internet start-ups alike are seen by their clients and workers as our global economy grows more social media-driven and, eventually, more socially conscious. The idea of a large industry giving back to society dates back to Andrew Carnegie, but current firms are discovering new ways to connect with their consumers and employees by rewarding our better natures. Ira Riklis talks about how one corporation is making an intentional effort to be more socially conscious.

Rewards For Being Socially ConsciousHelping hands

Experticity is a small Utah-based firm that focuses in assisting brands and retailers in better connecting with their target audiences through consultancy services provided by a diversified team of experts. With 240 full-time employees, it may appear odd that Experticity can afford to provide its staff $2,000 vacations in exchange for minor charity contributions. But the attitude of giving is so important to CEO Tom Stockham that he has sent staff as far as Kenya, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nepal, all for donating as little as $5 to a charity of their choice.

The business started working on the program in 2016, and it started off as a small-scale lottery. Experticity has now extended the offer to all of its staff due to popular demand. Currently, a third of Experticity’s workforce is enrolled in the program. Experticity pays the whole cost of the expedition package (an astonishing $2,195) and even splurges for airline, hotels, transportation, and living expenses for people who are willing to donate and are fortunate enough to win a grant.

Motivations Behind Charitable Contributions

What are the corporate reasons for charity like this? To put it another way, what does Experticity gain from the deal? The initiative “will create bonds between people,” according to CFO Heather Mercier, and is “absolutely the right thing to do.” Nonetheless, we must realize, if we are to be honest with ourselves, that companies do not exist to give money away. Corporations are in the business of making money. What role does philanthropy play in the corporate world?

The reality is that corporate donating is extremely beneficial to a company’s bottom line, and the research supports this. Giving a bit to people in need benefits both small enterprises and large organizations. Companies that provide “create respect and a positive reputation in the community,” according to Fortune magazine. Corporations may start a conversation with the people and community leaders who live just next door by reaching out to local charity in their own neighborhood. This type of networking can result in long-term relationships that benefit both sides. Local leaders and residents may help drive the firm in a more socially aware path, and the company can reward its employees by letting them know they’re making a difference in their local neighborhood. Though companies are not people, their employees are, and those employees stand to gain from the better local environment that a strong corporate/charity connection may provide.

Giving Corporate Morale A BoostMoney donation

Nobody wants to work for a faceless corporation. Corporate gifting has a strong positive impact on employee morale. Employees that enjoy what they do are more likely to stay with their employer and work hard while there. Companies make employment seem less like job and more like contributing to a bigger cause by rewarding workers with the chance to contribute back to their communities and by providing them with assistance.

Companies that collaborate with nonprofit organizations have stronger ties to leaders, intellectuals, and innovators, as well as society as a whole. Companies may acquire fresh talent by tapping into this pool of good-hearted, hardworking individuals. A firm is only as good as its employees, and any company would profit from hiring the kind of altruistic people who volunteer their time to charity groups in their spare time.

The border between our business lives and our lives in the community is becoming increasingly blurred as social media continues to reshape our private and public environments. Companies like Experticity are setting the bar when it comes to figuring out how to make a living while also helping to make the world a better place.

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