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About Ira Riklis Charity Blog

Ira Riklis Charity Blog
Charity is dear to Ira Riklis‘ heart. In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, Ira mentions that he is in the “second stage” of Philanthropy. This Charity blog is to share the accomplishments of 501(c)3s with a much more broad audience. Ira Rilkis is a man who is not shy about giving. Riklis selflessly donates to charities around New York City. His donations are often made in such a way that, with the funds, the non-profit can help themselves succeed. With a sturdy plan and budget like his, Ira Riklis aims to help charities from their launch to the time when other benefactors will lend a helping hand. He has done this with The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.

Ira Riklis and His Family

Taking on the talented business model of his father, Meshulam Riklis, Ira is the president of the Rapid America Corporation. Upon moving to America, Meshulam Riklis had majored in Mathematics at the University of Ohio in 1940. He analysed the stocks at Piper Jaffray. Once owning significant stocks, he climbed the ladder and is seated as the founder of The Rapid-American Corporation.

Meshulam had 3 children together and had raised Ira to be a businessman as well. Ira and his sisters have lived a very nice life and have neither problems giving to the less fortunate, nor to foundations that really need financial help.

Ira Riklis’ Work History

Currently, Ira Riklis is the CEO of Lydia Security Monitoring Inc. dba C.O.P.S. Monitoring.


  • President at Sutherland Capital Mgmt. Inc.
  • Past Investor at Seguin Partners, LLC
  • CEO at SNiP Telecommunications
  • Investor at Asset Alliance
  • Investor at BuyerLeverage
  • Board Member at American Committee for the Tel Aviv Foundation
  • Partner at Charter Sports
  • Co-Producer at Etz Limon Production
  • CEO at Matrix Security
  • Investor at BusTV
  • President at Ice Cream Ira’s Inc.


  • University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School
  • Horace Mann
  • Great Neck North

Please enjoy this blog and if interested in any charities, never forget how important it is to make someone else happy.

Ira Riklis